Can I accept alcoholic gifts in western countries?

»QuestionsCategory: JurisprudenceCan I accept alcoholic gifts in western countries?
nzhussain asked 1 year ago

In western countries, sometimes they will give the employees alcohol as gifts during the holidays. Do we take it and throw it away? Or is it ok for us to swap with other gifts from one of the other employees?

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nzhussain answered 1 year ago

Ajwibah Fiqiyya Volume 4, Q179. Sayed Ahmed al Hasan responds: You should refuse accepting such a gift and let them know that you are a Muslim and that you do not drink alcohol. So that they will give you a suitable gift when they decide to gift you [in the future].

Abdul Basit replied 1 year ago

Jazakallahu khairan brother. These rulings are very helpful. Please do keep us updated.

Rishabh Bishnoi replied 1 year ago

what is ruling for giving vodka as a gift to a friend/stranger as a gift if he/she is not a believer and is regular drinker of it ?