Can you get me on track with the Call of the Yamani?

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Alia asked 5 years ago

Please help! I believe in the concept of allah’s Representetive on earth and I am looking into the Call of the Yamani.
But I am a bit overwhelmed with allthe information and am having trouble finding a good starting point. I’ve heard the Yamani called by somany different names and mention of a number of roles that he will take.  I don’t need to know it all, but can you give me some of the basics about his names and roles?
asked by l.t.a.

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Alia answered 5 years ago

Yes, it is a bit confusing at first.  I hope this gives you some clarity for a starting point in your studies.
Just like the Prophet Mohammad and his Progeny all had a number of names that reflected their personal qualities and roles, the Yamani also has a number of names and roles.
He is called the Yamani and he is calling the people to Allah’s Truth.  He is a descendant of the 12th Imam and has been appointed by Allah as one of His Representatives on earth.
At this time he is doing what the 12th Imam is instructing him to do. He is calling the people to the Supremacy of Alah and the reality of Allah’s Leadership on earth.  He is also reminding the peole of the coming reappearance of the 12th Imam who will fill the earth with Justice and Equity after it has been filled with injustice and inequality.
In his own words the Yamani said that ‘…my mission is simiar to that of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and that of Mohammad.  My mission is to spread monotheism in every place on this earth…and to achieve the most important thing in the law of Allah ~ Justice, Mercy and Truthfulness.’
When the 12th Imam reappears, the Yamani will be his Minister and the leader of his army.  In this role he will also be the first of the 12 Mahdies that will come after the 12 Imams and he is the first of the 313 people in the Imams army. 
When the 12th Imam dies, the Yamani will continue his role as the first of the 12 Mahdies and when he dies, he will pass on the position of Divinely appointed Leadership to his son.
After the Yamani’s death, there will be 11 more Mahdies and they will follow each other one after another just like the 12 Imams followed each other.  By Allah the 12 Mahdies are all infallible and incapable of giving misguidance (masoom).
These are just a few of the many details, but hopefully this will give you some clarity so that you can have a basic foundation to help you in your search for Knowledge.
As always, ask Allah to guide you through those who He has guided. People can help you along the way. But be certain to rely on the hadith of Ahlu Bayt in your studies as the proof of this issue is found in the words of the Prophet Mohammad and his Progeny.