Did the Yamani tell us how he defines his Mission?

»QuestionsCategory: Ansar ResourcesDid the Yamani tell us how he defines his Mission?
Alia asked 3 years ago

Yes, in a number of statementes he made it very clear.  Here is one that is a joy for the Believers:
                           The Content and Objectives of the Message and Mission of the Yamani
In the name of Allah the Merciful the Most Compassionate and Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.
Jesus said: “Man will not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of Allah.”
And I, the servant of Allah tell you:
‘With food, the son of Adam will die and with the Word of Allah they will live.’
My Mission is similar to that of Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus and to that of Mohammad.
My Mission is to spread monotheism in every place on this earth.  The purpose of the Prophets and Executors is also my purpose and to show and explain the deviation pf the Jewish, Christian and Muslim self-appointed scholars and their deviation from the Law of Allah and their violation of the recommendations of the Prophets.
My will is the will and volition of Allah to Whom is asccribed all Perfection and Majesty for the people of the earth to crave nothing but Allah’s will, to overwhelm the earth with justice and equity, just as it has been filled with tyrrany and oppression, to feed the hungry and shelter the poor, to bring joy to orphans after their prolonged sadness, to fulfill the widows material needs with honor and dignity and to achieve the most important thing in the Law of Allah ~
                                        Justice, Mercy and Truthfulness
                                    Ahmad al Haassan 16/Safar/1426 hijri/2006