Does the Yamani have miracles?

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Firstly, the answer to this question is yes, there have been many miracles reported about Ahmed Alhasan. They include him walking on water, a child coming back to life after many hours of drowning, a person being completely cured of cancer and Ahmed Alhasan talking in another language and reading old religious scripts not in arabic. The details can be found on Ansar sites (also translated into English).
However, it is very important to know that miracles are not the way to believe in a messenger. This can be seen easily by looking at the Calls of Prophets Noah and Abraham (as). During both their calls there was no miracles produced to the people. Noah (as) was preaching for 950 years. During that period without any miracle the things which would have lead people to faith and believing in his call were what and how he was preaching ( and they are his knowledge, wisdom, calling to God, manners, and blessed journey). Abraham (as) also did not have any miracles when he called his people to Monotheism. Although he did not have the lenient approach of Noah (as), he still called his people to the religion with arguments, reasoning and good preaching. Therefore the miracles of prophets and messengers provided support to their calls but were not proofs of the Call’s validity as they weren’t always present.
The proofs of the calls of prophets and messengers have always been: honesty, best of manners, morals, fair preaching, knowledge, simple and clear arguments, calling to Allah (swt) etc. And the Call of Ahmed Alhasan can be compared to previous calls to see how similar it is.
We can see in this Quranic verse that Prophet Jesus (as) came with Proofs and Wisdom:
{And when Jesus came with clear Proofs, he said: “I have come to you with Wisdom (Al-Hikmah), and in order to make clear to you some of the (points) in which you differ. Therefore fear Allah and obey me.}
Quran 63:43
But as for those who request miracles and major signs to be presented to them, truly it has never happened before that a messenger brings a miracle to every single person requesting it nor did he possess a ‘continuous’ miracle so that people can identify his position and honesty. Rather the true way is described clearly in the Torah, Bible and Quran and whoever seeks to know the messenger by another way will end up rejecting him wrongfully.
Quran 14:10-11
{They said: “You are no more than human beings like us! You wish to turn us away from what our fathers used to worship. Then bring us a clear authority (i.e. a clear proof of what you say).”
Their Messengers said to them: “We are no more than human beings like you, but Allah bestows His Grace to whom He wills of His slaves. It is not ours to bring you an authority (proof) except by the Permission of Allah.}
You can read about this in the book “Enlightments from the calls of the Messengers (pbut)”, chapter: “Enlightenment from the Calls of Abraham and Noah pbut”: