How do I perform the obligatory prayer?

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nzhussain asked 4 years ago

How do I perform the obligatory prayer? What are all the actions and sayings involved? Is there a script I can read off while practising?

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nzhussain answered 4 years ago

The actions performed are on a prayer mat or a clean place you can prostrate on. You will need a Turba (mud/clay item) or certain natural materials to prostrate on, like paper/cardboard or a leaf. The sayings are in Arabic.
There are a number of videos out there. I have made 2 such videos on Youtube with corresponding scripts (word document showing the actions and sayings).
1) The first part is showing the obligatory actions and sayings in a Isha prayer (with very little recommendations) :

And the second part is showing recommended (and obligatory) actions and sayings in a Maghrib prayer:
2) A second set of prayer videos is available from Khadem alhussain and his son, I have made a playlist of them here (also note there is a video for Wudhu’/ablution) :
3) And a third playlist is available from 2 Ansars in Egypt (AbdulRahman Hashem and Sheikh Saber) showing the prayer (Sheikh Saber’s tutorial is a 2 part video) :
There is also a detailed and lengthy prayer guide available here:
or a direct link: