How has Ahmed Alhasan proven he is the Yamani?

»QuestionsCategory: Ansar ResourcesHow has Ahmed Alhasan proven he is the Yamani?
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Ahmed Alhasan has come with the same proofs that other messengers and infallible leaders came with, in order to prove his position. And the proofs of a holy call are: honesty, best of manners, morals, fair preaching, wisdom, knowledge, simple and clear arguments, and calling to Allah (swt). These are the proofs that all callers to religion have in common, and they show the favor of God over them and their intellectual capability of leading mankind in both worldly and religious affairs. There are also other evidences associated with the past messengers which have all happened with Ahmed Alhasan, and they are true visions from the Kingdom of Heavens and miracles. However it is important to note that miracles are not a requirement nor do they prove the validity of the call because not all messengers had miracles. Therefore they provide additional support to the call of a messenger but what a person should be looking for when discerning and judging the validity of a messenger is knowledge, wisdom, and manners as previously mentioned.
We will now look at two hadiths, one showing the proof of an Imam (divinely appointed leader) and one showing the proofs of the ’Companion of the matter’:
Imam Ridha(a.s) was in the court of Ma’moon along with scholars and speakers of differing sects. Someone asked him: O son of the Messenger of Allah, in what way will the Imamate(position of being an Imam) be proven true by a claimant to it?
He (a.s) said: “By the text and the evidence/proof”, he said to him: And what is the evidence of the Imam? He (pbuh) said: “In knowledge and answering the request.”
Uyoon alAkhbar alRidha lilSaduq, vol.1, p.216, Door.46, Hadith.1 (Old: v2 p87)
AlHarth ibn Al-Mugheera asked Abi Abdullah (Imam Ja’afer) a.s: How will the Companion of the Matter(Saaheb Al-Amr) be known? He (as) said: “with peacefulness, dignity, knowledge and the Will.”
Khisal li alSadooq p.200, Door.4, Hadith.12
In the first Hadith, the Text is a reference to being mentioned in a divine will (by a previous Prophet, Messenger or Imam) or in a Holy Book. This means that the appointment of all Prophets, Messengers and Imams is made by God. In the Will of Prophet Muhammed (sawas) Ahmed Alhasan has been mentioned as ‘Ahmed’ who is the son of Imam Mahdi and ‘the first believer’. Please visit to read the Will of Prophet Muhammed (sawas) which is the only Will found in all hadith books dictated by Prophet (sawas) to Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) at the night of his passing away.