Im happy with following my scholar until Imam Mahdi (as) rises.

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The scholars of religion have a very important role of teaching the people and preserving the religion until Allah swt wills to send the next Prophet, Messenger or Imam. However we can see very clearly from the past history, that when a prophet or messenger is sent, the religion at the time was often changed and had lost its original message and as a result the people, lead by their scholars, fought them and their attempts to revive the original message. Even successors to Prophets (as) were rarely followed and most people would deviate and turn away from followed the appointed successor. A very simple way to judge if scholars should be followed or not is following Hadith:
The Prophet (sawas) said: “The Scholars are the faithful ones of the messengers as long as they don’t enter into the world.” It was said: O Messenger of Allah, and what is their entering into this world? He said (sawas): “Following the ruler. If they do that then be careful of your religion from them.”
AlKafi vol1 p66.
Iran is being ruled by scholars (currently both the supreme leader and the president are scholars), Iraq has rows of scholars sitting in government places, and in many other Arab countries such as Bahrain their scholars frequently meet and talk with the rulers.
In general, Taqleed (emulation) of scholars has been warned against, because by following the scholar in all matters (jurisprudential and faith) a follower will fall into any mistakes of the scholar and not bother to judge if the scholar is right or wrong. Here is the associated Hadith:
Imam Al-Sadiq (as) said: “Beware of Taqleed (imitating scholars) for whoever imitates someone in his religion has perished. Allah says in the Quran: {They took their Rabbis and monks as Lords without Allah} By Allah they didn’t pray to them or fast for them, but they (the scholars) made halal what is haram and made haram what is halal, and they (the people) copied them in this manner, and thus they worshipped them without even realizing.”
Kafi by Sheikh Al-Kulayni v.1 p.53
So what about in the End times – will the scholars support the Mahdi (as)? According to numerous Hadith, at the time of the Mahdi’s (as) rise the scholars will be his worst enemies:
“When Al-Mahdi emerges he will not have any enemies except the scholars, if it wasn’t for the sword, the scholars would have issued fatwas to kill him.”
Bayan Al-A’ema v.3 p.99
“The first of his enemies are the followers of the scholars(religious jurists) they will enter under his rulership, in fear from his sword and power, and a want from what he has. Those who will give (true) allegiance to him are people of truthhood who know Allah swt by witnessing and by revelations from the unseen(Kashf), and he has men who spread his call(dawa) and support him for victory.”
Ayan AlShia Sayed Muhsin AlAmeen v.2 p.54
From Mufathel Ibn Umar he said:I heard Abu Abdullah a.s saying:”If the riser(Qa’em) stands, he will start with the liars amongst the Shias, and so he kills them.”
Ikhtyar Ma’rifat AlRijal AlToosi v.2 p.589, AlKashi p.253
The first Hadith shows how the number one enemy will be the scholars. The simple explanation for this is that the Mahdi (as) will try to reach the Muslims but they will be influenced by the scholars they followed to reject him. The third hadith above says that the Mahdi (as) will start with “the liars amongst the Shia”, this is referring to the scholars because no one else (like believers or rulers) can have more influence on people in religious matters than the scholars and their followers – this is supported by the hadiths stating that the scholars will be “the worst of creation” (mentioned later).
The opposition to the Mahdi (as) is ignorance worse than that encountered by the Prophet (sawas) and his family during the Age of Ignorance (jahiliya). The ignorance he will face is described as being people’s interpretation of the Quran and thus using their own interpretations as an excuse not to believe in him. What they should be doing is looking at his interpretations and knowledge to determine his truthfulness rather than using their own interpretations to try to disprove and reject him.
“When our Qa’em stands he will face from the ignorance of the people worse than what the Prophet of Allah pbuh and his family faced from ignorance of the Era of Jahilya. He was asked: “How can that be?” He (as) said:” The Prophet of Allah pbuh and his family came to people that worshipped stones ,rocks ,rods ,and sculpture. When our Qa’em rises, the people will face him with the interpretation of the Book of Allah, and will use it as an alibi. By Allah his righteousness shall enter your houses like warmth and coldness.”
Ghaibat Al-Numaani p.297
In the next Hadith the enemies at the time of the Mahdi are said to be “Banu Fatima”:
From Abi Khaled Al-Kabili who said: I went to Muhammad ibn Ali (as); ….
He said: What do you need O Aba Khaled?
I said: I want you to tell me his name so I can know his name.
He said: “You have asked me by Allah O Aba Khaled about a question that is serious, and you have asked me about a matter that if I told anybody I would have told you also, and you have asked me about a matter that if Banu Fatima knew him, they would have relentlessly cut him into pieces one by one.”
Bihar Al-Anwar v.51 p.31
Note here Bani Fatima (children of Fatima) that will try to cut the Mahdi (as) into pieces is a reference to “Sayyids” who have a lineage tracing back to Prophet Muhammed’s daughter Fatima (sawas). This is due to their hatred of him and jealousy of his knowledge and status as found in other Hadiths.
Additionally there many Hadiths showing us the scholars will be the most evil of creation. This is because they fight the Mahdi (as) and falsely misinterpret his proofs to misguide people away from him:
Imam Hassan Al-Askari a.s said to Abi Hashem Al-Ja’afari: “O Ibn Al-Jaafari O Aba Hashem, there will come a time to the people, their scholars are the most evil creation of Allah on the face of the earth, that is because they lean towards philosophy and asceticism but they misguide our followers and the ones who have our Wilaya. So if they reach a position they will not have enough of bribery, and if they betray that is because they worshipped God in fakery, by God they cut the routes for the true believers, and they call forth to the contribution of disbelief”.
Safeenat Al- Bihaar Wa Madinat Al-Hukm Wal-Athaar v.2 p.57 p.58 v.4
Prophet of Allah pbuh said: “O Ibn Mas’ood! Their scholars and jurists are betrayers and sinners, they are the most evil creation of Allah and also their followers from the ones who come to them and take from them and love them and sit with them and ask from them. They are the most evil of the creation of Allah where he shall enter them into hellfire {Mute, Deaf and blind, they shall not return.}”
Makaram Al-Akhlaaq p.450-451
So how is it possible that people choose to follow their scholar’s verdict when they are told that the Yamani has been sent and is a messenger from Imam Mahdi (as) and from Jesus (as)?