Is marriage preferred over studying to get an education?

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nzhussain asked 2 years ago

Which is more preferred for a girl, marriage or education? And if one of the Ansars came forward to get engaged with her, is it more preferred for marriage and abandoning studies or for her to finish her studies?
And if she refused the marriage, is their a sin upon her keeping in mind that the reason she refused was because she must abandon her studies.
And is it permissible for her to marry a non Ansar? And is it permissible for a man to marry a non Ansar?

Hayatu Abubakar replied 1 year ago

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nzhussain replied 1 year ago

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nzhussain answered 2 years ago

Sayed Ahmed a.s answered in the book Ajwibat alFiqh vol.3 p46 q141:

If there was a clash between marriage and education then marriage is preferred for the case of the woman. However it is permissible for her to abandon the [prospect of] marriage and to complete her education if she prefers the education. Or to get married and finish her education if there is no conflict between the two.