What is the evidence for 12 Mahdis?

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The following two hadiths mention the existence of 12 Mahdis after the Mahdi (as).
Imam Sajjad (as) said: “The Qa’im will appear from among ufs and after him there will be twelve Mahdis.”
Bihar alAnwar, vol.109, p.148
Abu Baseer said: I told Ja’far Bin Mohammad Al Sadiq (A.S): “O son of the Prophet, I once heard your father a.s saying that after the Qa’em there shall be twelve Mahdis”. Then AlSadiq (as) said: “Indeed, he said ‘twelve Mahdis’ and he did not say ‘twelve Imams’. They are from our followers (Shia), who shall call upon the people to support us and to know our right.”
Kamal AlDeen, chapter 2, page.358, Hadith.56
The Prophet’s Will (sawas) found in Ghaibat alTusi mentions 12 Mahdis after the 12 Imams:
The Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him and his family) said to Ali ibn Abi Taleb during the night of his death:
“O Father of Al Hassan, bring me a paper and a utensil”, and he dictated his will until he came to a position where he said:
“O Ali, there will be twelve Imams after me and after them there will be twelve Mahdis. …”

Numerous supplications for Imam Mahdi (as) mention the existence of Imams from his offspring. Here are three:
“Peace and blessings be on your guardian(Imam Al Mahdi), and those who bear your promise and the Imams from his sons.”
Hayaat alImam alMahdi p.55
“O Allah become for Your guardian, the one who rises with Your matter – Muhammad ibn Hassan (may peace and blessings be upon him and his fathers in this hour and in every hour) a patron, a protector, a leader, a victor, an evidence, and an assister; until you accommodate him on earth being obeyed, and allow him to enjoy its length and breadth, and make him and his offspring the Inheriting Imams.”
Bihar Al Anwar, vol.86, p.340; and vol.94, p.349; and vol.99, p.314
From alRidha (as), he used to instruct a Dua to Sahib alAmr (Companion of Matter as) with this: “… O Allah give him in himself, his family, his son, his offspring, his nation and all his citizens, what makes him pleased and joyful” … until he says: “O Allah, bless the rulers of his era and the Imams after him and make them reach their hopes and make their lives longer and cherish their victory.”
Mafateeh AlJinaan p.778 (الزّيارة الاُخرى)
The following two Hadiths are from tafseer books of AhlulSunnah which interpret 12 caliphates as coming after Imam Mahdi (as).
Ibn Abi Hatem AlRazi Tafseer Abi Hatem from Ka’ab AlAhbar he said: “They are 12, and when they all pass away, there will be 12 similar to them replacing them, and that is a promise from Allah to this nation and he recited: {Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety, grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He granted it to those before them} And that is the work of Bani Isra’el.”
14769-In Tafseer son of Abi Hatem hadeeth #137302628 v.8
From a long passage he said: Abu AlHussein son of AlMunadi: On the part where he collected about the Mahdi, it possible in the meaning of the hadeeth “(There will be 12 caliphates) meaning that this will happen after the Mahdi who will emerge in the end times, for I found in the book of Daniel, when the Mahdi dies, there will be 5 men ruling from the son of the oldest grandson and then 5 from the son of the younger grandson and then the last one will pass his leadership from the son of the oldest grandson and then his son will rule and 12 kings will reign, each one of them is an Imam Mahdi, Ibn AlMunadi said:”and in the narration of Abi Saleh from Ibn Abbas. The Mahdi’s name is Muhammad son of Abdullah and he is a man whose beard is dyed in red, the nation will be relieved by him from all the depressions, and his justice will eliminate all the injustice, and then after him will be 12 men.”
Fateh AlBari Sharh Saheeh AlBukhari for Ibn Hajar 20/266 #6682

The Hadith evidences for 12 Mahdis are many. Additionally in the Bible, the Book of Revelation mentions the one sitting on the throne and the 24 Elders around the throne. God Almighty does not sit or come and go God forbid, therefore the one sitting on the throne is the best of creation according to all muslims who is Prophet Muhammed (sawas). And the 24 elders are 12 Imams and the 12 Mahdis all from his family and offspring.

Since the Yamani calls people to Imam Mahdi (as), to truth and to the straight path and has the most guided Banner, and he must be helped and muslims cannot turn away from him then he must be a divinely appointed leader who guides people in worldly and religious matters and does not misguide them. Therefore he must be an infallible appointed by Allah swt, and one of the 24 leaders mentioned in the Prophet’s Will (sawas). The 12 Imams have already came to us, so he must be one of the 12 Mahdis, and since he appears before Imam Mahdi (as) and raises the Banner of Guidance then he is the closest and the first of them.