Where is the location of Fatima’s grave? What about the different Hadith?

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nzhussain asked 4 years ago

Where is the location of Fatima’s (as) grave? Imam Ahmed has stated that it is adjacent to the grave of Imam Hasan, the second Imam.
This location has been a secret, as stated by many Hadith, until now in the recent times. However there a few Hadith stating the location of the grave and some people are trying to use them to disprove the location stated by Imam Ahmed, how can we respond to this?

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nzhussain answered 4 years ago

Abdul Basit writes:
Salamaleikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

This misconception can be disproved in the four ways below:

  1. There are tons of narrations which state that the matter of her grave was kept secret based on her request and it is not known to people.
  2. There are narrations that she was buried at Jannatul Baqi but not exactly where in Baqi, and some narrations state that Imam Ali(as) dig 7 graves to confuse others, some say 40 graves were dug so that the real one is not known.

    Like this one:

    Al-Daylami has stated that al-Zahra’ (A.S.) detailed what she had to go through. Among what she said was the following:

    “… Then they sent to our house Qunfath accompanied by `Omer ibn al-Khattab and Khalid ibn al-Walid in order to get my cousin Ali (A.S.) to the saqifa of Bana Sa`idah for their lost fealty, but he would not go out to meet them, being busy carrying out the will of the Messenger of Allah (A.S.) and with his wives, with compiling the Qur’an and with the repayment of eighty thousand dirhams which he (A.S.) had instructed him to pay on his behalf: the price of equipment and of debt. They collected plenty of firewood at our door. Then they brought a flame to set it to fire and to burn us. I stood at the door’s knob and pleaded to them in the Name of Allah to leave us alone and to come to our aid. `Omer took the whip from the hand of Qunfath, slave of Abu Bakr, and hit me with it on the wrist. The whip twisted itself around my wrist, leaving a mark like a bracelet on it. He kicked the door with his foot. Ali (A.S.) shut it back, and I was pregnant. I fell on my face as the fire kept burning, parching my face. He slapped me with his hand, causing my ear-ring to fall on the ground into bits and pieces. Labor overtook me, so I miscarried al-Muhassan who was killed without having committed any crime. Is this a nation that blesses me?! Allah and His Messenger disowned them and I, too, disowned them.”

    The Commander of the Faithful (A.S.) carried out her will. He did not inform anyone about her demise. At al-Baqi`, he dug up forty graves during the night wherein he buried Fatima (A.S.).

    Then the Muslims, having come to know about the death and burial of Fatima (A.S.), went to the Commander of the Faithful (A.S.) to offer their condolences. They said, “O Brother of the Messenger of Allah (A.S.)! Order us to prepare her for burial and to dig up her grave.” He (A.S.) said, “She has already been buried, joining her father (A.S.).” They said, “We belong to Allah, and to Him shall we return. How can the daughter of our Prophet Muhammed (A.S.), his only offspring, die and we do not perform her funeral prayers?! This is truly very serious!” He (A.S.) said, “Suffices you what you have committed against Allah, the Messenger of Allah (A.S.) and his Progeny. By Allah! I would not violate her will which she entrusted to me, that is, that none of you should perform her funeral prayers, and there is no blame on one who carries out someone’s will.” Those folks shook the dust off their clothes and said, “We have to perform the funeral prayers for the daughter of the Messenger of Allah (A.S.).” They immediately went to al-Baqi` and found forty graves freshly dug up. They could not tell which one of them was hers. People exchanged blame and accusations and said, “You did not witness the demise of the daughter of your Prophet, nor did you perform the funeral prayers for her, and now you do not even know here her grave is so you may visit it!”

    Abu Bakr said, “Let a number of trustworthy Muslims dig up these graves till you find her grave so that we may perform her funeral prayers and visit it.”

    The Commander of the Faithful (A.S.) heard about it, so he went out of his house angrily. His face was red with anger, his eyes burning, his cheeks puffed up, and he was carrying on his hand his yellow outer garment which he never put it on except on an ill-fated day. He was using his sword, Thul-Fiqar, like a walking stick till he reached al-Baqi`. Prior to his arrival, news reached people that he was going there. A warner said to them, “Here is Ali (A.S.) coming as you can see swearing by Allah that no brick of these graves will be moved from its place except that he will let his sword do its business against the unlucky from among this nation. People fled away in hordes.[16]

    Al-Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 30, pp. 348-50, citing Irshad al-Qulab by al-Daylami.

  3. Only a couple narrations state she is buried in her house, which is contrast to other tons of narrations hence it is subject to interpretation as it is allegorical.

    Hence this matter is SHAATH meaning obscure.

  4. What is clear/explicit and agreed by all, even the Classic Scholars is, This matter was kept secret based on Fatima Zahraa(sa) request and hence it is a well guarded secret known to only the Imams(pbut) and whom Allah(swt) wills.

    In longer occulation, if someone reveals this secret, he is either Imam AL Mahdi(as) or a messenger from him, who is in contact with him, as it is a well guarded secret. 

    Anyone else who says he knows where the grave is, based on couple narrations, he is foolish and unaware of his religion.

Fat'hie Mohamed replied 2 years ago

Waaleikumu salam.
well and clear explanation. No one, I mean NO ONE knows where her grave is. If ts in madina, well have you seen it for yourself? Anyone visited it so far? NO… Allah aalam, and there is a good reason behind it. Shukran Akh