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Who is the character of the Yamani, when and where does he appear according to narrations (Hadiths)?

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The Yamani is a person prophesized to appear before the Mahdi in the end times and is considered a major sign of the imminent appearance and rise of Imam Mahdi (as). When initially looking at the Hadeeths (sayings of Prophet Muhammed (sawas) and his family (as)) it is seen that a lot of importance is given to this person.
Imam Al-Baqir (as) said: “None of the banners are more guided than the banner of the Yamani, it is the Banner of Guidance because he calls to your Sahib (Imam Mahdi a.s). So if the Yamani emerges, selling weapons to people or any Muslim becomes prohibited. And if the Yamani emerges, stand up to him because his banner is the banner of guidance. It is prohibited for any Muslim to turn away from him. And who ever turns away from him, then he is from the people of hell, because he calls to the truth and to a straight path”.
Ghaibat alNu’mani p.264, Door.14
“So they get together and check who they should pledge allegiance to, and so this happens when they hear a call not from a human nor from the jinn, ‘Pledge allegiance to so-and-so’ by his name, he is not from this or that (of people), rather he is a Khalifa(Successor) who is a Yamani.”
Kitab alFitan lilNa’eem alMaroozi p.241 (or p.107)
The Yamani is not just a major Sign before the appearance of Imam Mahdi (as), but rather he is connected with the appearance and plays a huge role. How could anyone consider the Yamani as ‘independent’ to the Appearance in any aspect when he is described as being a Khalifa, calling to the truth, straight path and to Imam Mahdi (as), having the most guided banner and having a leadership position whereby supporting him has been obligated and turning away from him is forbidden.
Many Hadeeths mention the coming of a man before the Mahdi (as) from the East. This is none other than the Yamani, because no other End times person has been given more importance. In the following hadith, the Yamani is described as coming from the East and having ‘the Banner of the Mahdi’ – which matches the other Hadeeths describing the Yamani’s banner as ‘the Banner of Guidance’.
The Prophet pbuh took the hand of Al-Abbas and the hand of Ali a.s and said: “There shall be a man from the offspring of this man(Abbas) who shall fill the earth with injustice and tyranny, and there shall be a man from the offspring of this man(Ali) who shall spread the earth with justice and tranquility. So if you see this happening, then it is incumbent on you to go with the man who is a Yemeni; for he shall come from the East, and he is the one with the Banner of the Mahdi.”
AlMahdi alMuntather alMaw’ood, v.1 p.107, Door.4, Hadith.3
Though there are not many Hadeeths directly mentioning the Yamani, we see that the Yamani is mentioned frequently by different titles. In the following two Hadeeths the Yamani is described as coming from the East, defeating the Sufyani, being the person who ‘leads to the obedience of the Mahdi’, and being a ‘Minister of the Mahdi’.
Prophet of Allah pbuhap said: “And a man from the East with small black flags proceeds to kill the man of Sham (and he is the Sufyani), and he is the one that leads to obedience to the Mahdi (a.s).”
Kitab alFitan, Na’eem alMaroozi p.189
Prophet Muhammad pbuhap said: “So Allah will bring out against the Sufyani from the people of the East, a Minister(Wazeer) of Al-Mahdi, and he shall defeat the Sufyani in Sham.”
Sharh Ahqaq AlHaq section 29 p.620
The importance of the Yamani during the End times is undeniable, even according to just one of the above Hadeeths.
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