Will the Sufyani appear at the same time as the Yamani?

»QuestionsCategory: Ansar ResourcesWill the Sufyani appear at the same time as the Yamani?
ComforterIsHere Staff asked 3 years ago

Will the Sufyani appear at the same time as the Yamani?

Alia Staff replied 3 years ago

As As part of a longer tradition Imam Baqir said:’ As part of a longer tradition Imam Baqir said: ‘The risings of the Sufyani, the Yamani and the Khrasani will be in the same year, in the same month and on the same day. They will be like the prayer beads ~ one following the other. sufferings will be form every side. …From among the three banners only the banner of the Yamani will be a bannner of Guidance because he will invite to the Mission of your man, the Hujjat from the Household of Mohammad…’ (Al Ghaybah ~ Numani 2012 Edition, pg 349, #13, this exact citation on pg 353)

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ComforterIsHere Staff answered 3 years ago

The timing of the Sufyani will be close to the Yamani. Because as found in the Hadith, their emergence will be in “one year, in one month, in one day”.
Imam alBaqir (as) said: “The emergence of the Sufyani, Yamani and Khurasani is in one year, in one month, in one day, ordered like the order of beads. Some people will follow some of them and there will be misery on every face, woe to those who stayed far away from them. And none of the banners are more guided than the banner of the Yamani, it is the Banner of Guidance because he calls to your Sahib (Imam Mahdi a.s). So if the Yamani emerges, selling weapons to people or any Muslim becomes prohibited. And if the Yamani emerges, stand up to him because his banner is the banner of guidance. It is prohibited for any Muslim to turn away from him. And who ever turns away from him, then he is from the people of hell, because he calls to the truth and to a straight path.”
Ghaibat alNu’mani page 255-256
This ’emergence’ does not refer to the point in time where they ‘appear’ in the public’s view and become known. What it represents is the military emergence ‘in one day’. This means the military confrontation between these End time figures. Therefore there is no problem with any of them appearing before the other. Ahmed Alhasan has started his Call (Da’wa) in 1999 in Iraq which is the prophesized East in the Hadiths. He has written many books explaining the religious matters which people were confused about, answering people’s questions and spreading the true knowledge of the Family of the Prophet (sawas). His role is to raise the Banner of Guidance, gather supporters for Imam Mahdi (as) and prepare them mentally and spiritually for the Appearance.
Some people have stated that the Sufyani should appear and become known the same time as the Yamani. This is illogical, because for them to be ready to fight each other, they each need an army under their respective banners. Since the Yamani and Sufyani appear in the End times, how will they start their call, raise their banner, gather supporters and fight all in one day? Rather that is impossible even in one year.
With the recent events of the entry of ISIS and other Terrorists into Iraq, this confrontation is very close. Which one of the terrorist groups is lead by the Sufyani? The answer to this question is simply irrelevant because no one is interested in supporting falsehood. Rather the Yamani is the only person Muslims should be looking for because it is obligatory to follow and support him.